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Buying online means paying by credit card (of course you can also choose to pay by cash or cheque when we deliver the services to you).

At Hero Ventures, we absorb the credit card charges and also do not any charge courier fee to deliver the services to you.

You can just stay at home, get the services delivered, then enjoy up to 30 days interest free (which most of the credit card companies offer), and pay the credit card bill.

Most credit card issuing companies will even offer 12 months interest free instalment plan for a very very small administration fee - you have to call the customer service staff within 7 days of the transaction date.

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Hero Ventures Sdn Bhd Online Credit Card Payment Form uses 128-bit encryption, which is among the strongest encryption available.

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Your card payment is made directly into our credit card online server.

At no time will your card number be made known to us.

We use the SSL 3 (Secure Socket Layer) protocol to encrypt and protect all exchanges on the Internet.

This protocol has become a worldwide standard and is supported by the major browsers.

For your security, your card will be systematically checked by the bank's server and the payment will be authorized by your bank.

You will switch to the secure mode as soon as you click on one of the bank card icons above.

You will know when you are switching to the secure mode - in Netscape the padlock in the bottom left of the screen will close, while in Internet Explorer the padlock will appear in the bottom right

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